About Our Firm

From left: Judy Haeg, Matt Weight, CFA; Ben Johnson, CFA; Fred Speece, Jr. CFA; Pete Swanson, CFA, Beth Hickey


Speece Thorson Capital Group, Inc. was founded in 1992.  Speece Thorson is an investment management firm specializing in mid to small cap value equity account management for institutions and high net worth families.  The firm has an independent ownership, research and mindset with a mission to preserve and grow its investors’ capital. 



Principals are co-investors with our clients and efficiently execute our process using a long-term time frame to generate returns for our co-investors.


We are long-term value investors in good cultures and good businesses that meet our high standards for "well-managed, financially powerful and attractively priced."


We focus on a single, time-tested fundamental investment approach: high quality, classical value applied in the mid to small cap sectors of the market.

  • Separate account management is available with a minimum investment of $5 million.
  • Commingled management is available to accredited investors in the form of the Speece Thorson Capital Group Value Fund with a minimum investment of $1 million.



Our ability to add value over the index is demonstrated by our:

  • Independently owned by principals
  • Long-term investment horizon, low turnover (20-30%)
  • Concentrated portfolio (30-50 issues)
  • Independent research
  • In depth knowledge of our companies, their culture, business and management
  • Disciplined valuation methods
From left: Matt Weight, CFA, Ben Johnson, CFA, Fred Speece, CFA; Peter Swanson, CFA